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身体企画ユニット ヨハク

2016年9月14日 about



ダンスの定義の “余白” を攻めることを楽しみ、



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There is still more “space” in dance.
That means we think there is more possibility for dance.
So we named the unit “YOHAKU” (=space)

The dance unit by Kohei Kato and Kilarla Akiyama, was found in March 2016.

Based on contemporary dance, through collaboration with various dancers, actors, and artists, we are going to plan how to show unexpected dance and an unexpected way to make dance.

Since September 2016, as a place to symbolize “Creating social work” to sends out artworks from a connection with many people, we are publishing and managing this site, “UGOKI-ZUKAN”, which means physical movements catalog in Japanese.

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